What Our Customers Say

“I received the MimicColor today! That was fast! My mother loved her MimicColor…thanks again…and now she wants to order some for her mother, who is 88 years old. It doesn’t matter how old you are, every woman wants to look her best, right???”

~Michelle S., PA


“Thank you so much for this MimicColor! I have very dark hair and very white outgrowth, my roots start to show up after 2 weeks! With this product, not only can I hide the roots, I can also go back to my color appointment schedule of every 4 weeks instead of three. This is great!!”

~Naomi N., NJ


“I am using MimicColor on my beard and mustache. Due to allergic reactions to permanent hair color, I need to use a temporary color to cover gray. Of all the products I have tried, this is the best by far.”

~Roger D., AZ


“I love my Mimic Color:)”

~Maura I., CA


“I am pleased to tout the qualities of MimicColor, the hair color touch-up formulated by Isa Moe. It was the touch-up concept that first appealed to me but it is the product to which I have become accustomed.

I am in my mid-40’s and have dark brown/black hair and have been coloring my hair for the last several years to cover up the grey. I usually schedule my hair appointments five weeks out. Oftentimes about a week before the scheduled appointment, my roots are very noticeable, especially at the temples. When Isa first told me of her plans to develop and market a temporary hair color touch-up product, I was intrigued and anxious to try it out.

I have tried various samples of the product as Isa has worked on developing the formula. I am very pleased with the end result. The product applies on smoothly, adheres well and the dark brown color closely matches my hair color. Also, it is quick and easy, which is a big plus. I have grown accustomed to having it available and have sorely missed it when I have run out.”

~Lisa L.


“After using old mascara and other products that were difficult to use with poor results, my stylist introduced me to her new product MIMICCOLOR™. It covers my roots perfectly and is so easy to use. Now I am back to my 4 week color schedule instead having appointments every 3 weeks!”

Cheryl G.

“On my way to LA Music Expo- grey temples– no way– This MIMICCOLOR™ really works…Thank You!”

Jimmy D.