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A great (temporary) way to cover roots

“Nobody likes roots, right? The hardest part about coloring your hair is the way it starts to look about 3 weeks after you have it done. That is when the roots start to show and keeping up with them can be time-consuming and expensive. I used to get so mad that I paid so much for highlights and/or low lights and my hair looked bad after just a few weeks. It took everything in my power not to run to the store and just dye it myself. I didn’t and now I do not have to because I just got my hands on a great product that is simple to use and covers roots nicely.

MimicColor (above) is a cosmetic you select in the shade you want your hair to be and apply it to your roots with a brush. It is water resistant and has a bit of a non-greasy clay-like consistency. You cover your roots with it and it washes out very easily. It is a great way to lengthen the time between your trips to the salon.

My hair is highlight to be dark blonde, but really grows in brown and I was surprised how easily and well the blonde shade of MimicColor covered it. I can only imagine it would be great for covering grey roots if it worked so well to lighten my hair. It doesn’t seem to wipe off easily so it is a product men could use to touch up their facial hair or eyebrow as well.

Of the new types of products I have tried recently this is one of my favorites. I think you could probably have a little fun with this too if you wanted to add a little lightness or darkness to your hair. It is easy to use, not messy at all and looks pretty natural. While [the price] may seem a little steep this is a product that looks like it will last a long time (at least for coverage of roots).”

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Keep roots colored with this clever compact

“Everyone’s looking for ways to save a little money these days, and we know several people trying to stretch the time between salon hair-coloring sessions in order to do so. You might be able to get away with this if you’re dealing with highlights, but if your hair grows in grey, it’s much harder to pull it off—and it requires a little extra help.Our recommendation: MimicColor Cosmetic Hair Color Touch-Up. Inside a cute, oval compact is rich, brush-on color that beautifully covers the roots that give away your real hue. Available in five tones—dark brown, medium brown, blonde and red—the natural-looking effect is sweat-proof and sleep-proof, staying put until you wash it out. A compact lasts an amazingly long time, saving you plenty as you stay out of the salon.”

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My new hair color trick

“I’ve been using the MimicColor sample for about two months now, and I have to say it definitely works – it covered my grey nicely and the color matched my own hair color far better then my dull black mascara. What I like best about the product: I’m getting two extra weeks from when I first start seeing my grey come in before I have to color again, which is good for my locks and my pocketbook. MimicColor is my new hair color trick – it gets the Runway Ready stamp of approval.”

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Perfect for busy moms, travelers

“MimicColor may be perfect for busy moms, as scheduling a salon appointment every three – five weeks can be overwhelming for some busy moms. Add an extra two weeks between salon visits, and save on the household budget by using MimicColor. It’s perfect for dad’s beard and mustache, too.”

“For business travelers that find it difficult to make it to the salon, MimicColor can extend hair color during important business trips. Or, for the casual traveler, MimicColor allows consumers to look great every day of vacation without scheduling a last-minute hair appointment prior to departure.

You can also make highlights look brighter by mixing and matching two MimicColors to create low-lights that compliment your base color. This is a fun way to jazz-up hair without expensive salon color services; you can extend the life of salon color by two weeks, saving money and precious time!”

My boyfriend doesn’t even know it’s there

“I discovered MimicColor recently. My sister gave it to me when I was complaining about my gray roots just 3 weeks after my touch up. Pretty nice gift. It is easy to use and really works to hide my icky roots – When I scheduled my next appointment a week later than normal, it felt good. I am not afraid to have my boyfriend touch my hair either. He doesn’t even know it is there. It does the trick, nicely.”

The color stays put

“Say goodbye to pesky grey hairs pushing out at your roots right before a big event. Now, MimicColor provides an easy touch up cream in a compact that can be applied to roots to cover up grey while also adding body. Or if you want some quick highlights, add a few blonde MimicColor streaks to dark hair… it is that easy and the color stays put. It’s available in five colors that can be mixed and matched to match all hair types. The formula is water resistant and can be worn on snow-filled days or during heavy sweaty dancing.”

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Your temporary hair fix

“This next one falls in the category along side double-stick tape, clear nail polish. MIMICOLOR Cosmetic Hair Touch Up is for a temporary fix of your hair color on your head, eyebrows and even beard/mustache. And it stays in until you shampoo it out. Think of this as one of those cake eyeliners from a few decades ago. Only instead of using a bristled brush to apply, you use a stiff makeup brush…. And if you are still wondering what the clear nail polish is for in the first sentence? A run in your stockings!”

Perfect in-between salon visit application

“For those of us who color our hair or who are getting grey, the cosmetic cover-up is the perfect in-between salon visit application. Comes in various colors and is rubbed on hair like a cream blush. It doesn’t drip or smear, either.”

~  Chicago Sun-Times

Fashion Focus: New, chic and fun

Here’s a product that gets to the root of a pesky hair-color problem. MimicColor is a drip-free, touch-up cream that helps extend salon color by two to three weeks, saving time and money. Applied with a brush or fingertips to telltale roots, it comes in five colors. A six-month supply can be ordered at or 1-888-646-4234.